Board Members 2018-2019


Gary Zimbric  715-355-4491

Vice President
Greg Kresse 715-355-0821

Jeanne Alexejun 715-214-8188

Tom Zehren 715-842-3010   cell 715-581-8394

Board Members
John Burke 715-218-7883 
Ernie Luedke 715-348-9883
John Beatty    715-355-1271
Rick Barnes    715-693-4280
Dan Leider                          
Jon Oestreich                      
Bob Robinson                     


Mailing Address:

Wausau Nordic Ski Club
PO Box 1813
Wausau WI  54402


Night Gliders
Greg & Rachel Kresse   715-355-0821

Snow Striders
Tracy Gorzek and Carol Aggen   715-298-5032

Adult Lessons
Rick Barnes   715-693-4280


Marathon County Board of Supervisors and Committees
Marathon County Park Commission

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